Hashi no Kai is a social event between Japanese and non-Japanese
for the benefit of language and cultural exchange in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
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Hashi no Kai - Tanabata Matsuri Quiz - English Version

  1. How long is the longest river, the Shinano? 367km
  2. How many storeys does the tallest building in Japan have? The Land Mark. 70
  3. Which day and month is the Emperor's birthday? 23 Dec
  4. Tokyo is quite a new capital in Japan. Kyoto was the capital for 1000 years before Tokyo, but in which year did they move the capital form the old capital Nara to Kyoto? 794
  5. When did Togo Heyachiro beat the Baltic Fleet of Russia? 1903
  6. There are 87 national universities and 86 local government universities in Japan, how many universities in japan are there in total including the privately owned ones? 762
  7. In which century was the full-length novel, the Tale of Genji written by the Lady in waiting, Murasaki Shikibu? 11th century
  8. How many times has the National High School Baseball Competition been held up until this summer? 88
  9. When was the Anglo-Japanese Alliance agreed because Britain was worried about Russia invading China? 1902
  10. When does the term of the Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro come to an end? September 2006

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