Hashi no Kai is a social event between Japanese and non-Japanese
for the benefit of language and cultural exchange in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
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Hashi no Kai - Quizzes from 2008 - English Version

  1. Which wife of Henry VIII was Anne Boleyn? 2nd
  2. How many wives did Henry VIII have? 6
  3. Which team was the winner of the Premier League, last year? Manchester United
  4. Who is the previous prime minister of the Britain? Tony Blair
  5. Which is the most easterly county in the UK? Kent
  6. Where is the capital of the Britain? London
  7. When did England win the victory in the World Cup Football? 1966
  8. How many countries does the UK contain? 4
  9. Who banned Christmas in England? Oliver Cromwell
  10. What is the name of the eldest son of David Beckham? Brooklyn
  11. What is Cornish Pasty? Meat + vegetables folded in pastry
  12. Where is the capital of Wales? Cardiff
  13. Haggis is a famous local food. Where does it come from? Scotland

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